Is It OK To Not Have Alcohol At A Wedding?

Is a cash bar tacky?

Many of us have abused an open bar.

“But when you have a cash bar, your guests will drink less—or at least be better aware of how much they’re drinking—simply because they have to pay for it.” It’s not tacky—because your guests aren’t there for the alcohol..

How much alcohol do you need for a wedding of 100?

So to recap, for 100 guests you would need: 70 bottles of wine. 175 bottles of beer. 15 bottles of liquor (750 ml)

Is it okay to have a dry wedding?

A dry wedding is a choice by the couple to have no alcohol at wedding events. Since many wedding guests will likely expect there to be alcohol at the wedding, it’s important to give guests a heads-up beforehand for couples having weddings without alcohol.

How do you make a dry wedding fun?

10 Ways to Make a Dry Wedding More FunChoose an interesting and enjoyable venue that doesn’t allow alcohol. … Schedule your ceremony at a time when people are least inclined to drink. … Encourage conversation at tables. … Make it a kid-friendly wedding. … Hire a good MC and/or DJ who can keep the tone upbeat and interactive. … Serve mocktails instead.More items…

What does a dry wedding mean?

A dry wedding is simply a wedding without alcohol.

What drinks are served at weddings?

As mentioned, non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails go down well, as do cocktails, mulled wine, Pimms, Champagne, the standard red and white wine, and beer. Sparkling alternatives to Champagne are becoming increasingly popular, are more affordable, and are often enjoyed more than real Champagne.

How can I get cheap alcohol for my wedding?

Top 10 Ways To Cut Alcohol Costs At WeddingsOffer Signature Cocktails. … Serve Only Beer and Wine. … Skip The Champagne Toast. … Use The 1/2 Full Trick. … Place A Bottle Of Wine At Each Table. … Shorten Your Open Bar Hours. … Limit Liquor To The Cocktail Hour. … Pay Per Head, Not Per Drink.More items…•

How do you say no alcohol at a wedding?

Offer Non-Alcoholic Mocktails Having a dry wedding reception doesn’t mean that guests should sip on water and soda all night. Work with your bartender or caterer to create signature “mocktails,” which closely resemble the real deal.

Should I have alcohol at my wedding?

A: You’re right to want to give your guests a heads-up on the bar situation at your wedding reception. It’s certainly not a requirement, but because it’s so common to have a bar at a wedding, you’re guests will most likely appreciate the information. There are a couple super simple and easy ways to do it.

How do you have alcohol at a wedding reception?

Here’s how to cut back on wedding reception alcohol without depriving your guests.Have a Limited Bar. … Have a Brunch or Lunch Reception. … Serve Only Wine and/or Beer. … Serve Only a Signature Drink. … Save the Good Stuff for Toasts. … Serve One or Two Expensive Spirits.