Question: Does Working At Mcdonalds Look Good On A Resume?

Is McDonald’s a bad first job?

So like i said, not a bad start at all 🙂 Unless you have an in through family or friends to a good job, often McDonalds and other fast food chains are just about the only jobs out there for most teenagers.

It’s a pretty good job.

It was my first job..

What does honors mean on a resume?

award and accomplishmentYou should emphasize your academic, work, or volunteer recognitions by creating a specific honors, awards, and accomplishments section of your resume. … Purpose of award and accomplishment it recognizes (i.e., Academic, athletic, job related)

How do you make Mcdonalds look good on a resume?

Sample McDonald’s Resume Skills ListMentoring and leadership.Excellent knowledge of food preparation and presentation.Excellent knowledge of hygiene procedures.Ability to assess crew members’ knowledge of procedures and give feedback and guidance where required.First class customer service.

Does employee of the month look good on a resume?

When you add the employee of the month award to your resume, you should do so prominently. It should be listed directly beneath the employer, as the first bulleted point. You should indicate that you were both nominated and received the award and indicate both the month and year it was given.

Do you need resume for McDonalds?

Anyone interested in a job with McDonalds should make a resume specific to the desired position. A successful McDonalds resume should highlight past experience in the fast food industry. … After creating an acceptable resume for McDonalds, fill out a job application with the fast food restaurant chain.

What do I put on my resume if I have no experience?

Best Things to Put on a Resume When You Have No ExperienceProfessional summary (even if you have no experience in your resume)Key skills you’ve learned in school and other experiences.Education and academic achievements.Classes, training and certifications.Personal or academic projects relevant to the job.More items…•

What are accomplishments at work?

Resume accomplishments are work achievements that are both measurable and unique to a job seeker’s experience….To start generating ideas for your summary of accomplishments, ask yourself the following questions:Did I make or save the company money? … Did I reach my goals quickly? … Did I exceed my goals often?

What are good skills for a fast food job?

Food Service Skills You Need.Types of Restaurant Skills.Customer Service.Physical Speed and Strength.Safety Consciousness.Attention to Detail.Communication.More Skills.More items…

What skills do you need for McDonald’s?

Based on our collection of example resumes, the most sought-after skills in a Mcdonalds employee are customer focus, effective communication, good interpersonal skills, stamina, problem-solving orientation, and knowledge of hygiene standards. No formal education is required for this position.

What do you call someone who works at McDonald’s?

There are only 6 official titles at McDonald’s. These are: Crew Member, Maintenance, Crew Trainer, Manager, Assistant/Department Manager, Store/General Manager.

What does McDonalds want in an employee?

Have a great attitude – Smile, bring your awesome personality, and project a ‘can do’ attitude to every task you’re assigned. Trust us, it’s infectious. Provide the best service –Were looking for people who create real feel good moments for our customers.

Should I put awards on my resume?

Should I include awards on my resume? The simple answer is yes, if you have the space on your resume and the achievements are relevant to your professional profile and the job offer, then it is perfectly acceptable and often recommended to list your accomplishments, including any awards and honors, on your resume.

What skills do you need to work in fast food?

Required qualifications include the ability to work in standing position, good numeracy and literacy skills, attention to details, customer service orientation and communication abilities. A high school or general education diploma is common experience in Fast Food Worker resumes.

Is McDonald’s a good place to work at?

It’s a good place to start work in general, but it’s not good to stay in terms of long term employment. You do have a good start in the food industry though. … In my opinion McDonald’s was a great work experience.

How do you make a fast food job look good on a resume?

10 Ways to Describe Fast Food Experience on a ResumeMaintained high standards of customer service during high-volume, fast-paced operations.Communicated clearly and positively with coworkers and management.Mastered point-of-service (POS) computer system for automated order taking.More items…