Question: How Do You Edit An Attachment On IPhone?

Can I edit a document on my iPhone?

You can edit Microsoft Office Word documents using the iPhone version of Word.

You need an Office 365 account to edit documents using Word.

If you don’t have an Office 365 account, you can edit Word documents using Pages.

You can also edit text documents using Google Docs on iPhone..

How do I edit an email attachment?

How to Edit Email AttachmentsOpen the email message containing the attachment you want to edit.Select “File” and “Save Attachments” from the toolbar, or click on the attachment and select “Save Attachments” from the list of choices. … Click the “Browse” button in the dialog box.More items…

Can I edit a document on my phone?

For editing documents on Android, the Google Docs app works in a pinch. After Documents To Go and Quickoffice, Android users’ third option (and their only free one) is the official Google Docs app.

Can you edit a PDF on an iPhone?

With the latest versions of the Dropbox and Acrobat Reader iOS apps, you’ll be able to annotate and comment on PDFs stored in Dropbox, right from your iPhone or iPad. Just open a PDF from the Dropbox app and tap the ‘Edit’ icon, then edit or electronically sign the PDF in the Acrobat Reader app.