Question: What Happened To Taggart Actors?

How did Taggart die?

GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) _ Mark McManus, best known for his television role as the tough-talking Scottish detective Taggart, died Monday.

McManus, 60, died of pneumonia at Victoria Infirmary, Scottish Television said.

He also had been suffering from depression since his wife Marion died of cancer in October..

Who took over from Mark McManus in Taggart?

JAMES MacPhersonJAMES MacPherson was the serious young sidekick to Mark McManus’s dour Glasgow detective in STV’s Taggart. Born in Hamilton, he worked as a laboratory technician for five years and contemplated a career as a police officer before turning to acting.

What did Mark Mcmanus died of?

PneumoniaMark McManus/Cause of death

What happened to Taggart on Eureka?

At the end of Season 1 he was 6’3″ and 45 years old. Taggert left Eureka for several years without saying goodbye to Jo, which left their relationship on rough ground, he re-appeared in season 3 after spending some time with Zane in the Arctic Circle, drilling the largest core sample ever retrieved.

Who has died on General Hospital?

Star John Ingle’General Hospital’ Star John Ingle Dies TV star John Ingle — who was best known for portraying family patriarch Edward Quartermaine on General Hospital for two decades — lost his battle with cancer on Sunday. He was 84. The actor’s family confirmed Ingle’s death Monday in a Facebook posting.

Why did they stop making Taggart?

ITV has axed the Scottish police drama Taggart after 28 years, in the wake of poor viewing figures south of the border. The programme’s future on ITV1 had been the subject of intense speculation for some time. ITV confirmed it had decided not to commission any further series of Taggart for the ITV network.

Is Taggart still alive?

Mark McManus (21 February 1935 – 6 June 1994) was a Scottish actor. He was best known for playing the tough Glaswegian Detective Chief Inspector Jim Taggart in the long-running STV television series Taggart from 1983 until his death in 1994.

Is Harriet Buchan disabled?

Betty told Harriet how to sit and how to look in a wheelchair. … Harriet was born in Glasgow and trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London. She began work as a music teacher, but turned to acting after a severe case of laryngitis left her without a voice for some months.

What year did Taggart end?

November 7, 2010Taggart/Final episode date

When did Taggart end?

November 7, 2010Taggart/Final episode date

Was taggarts wife really disabled?

Biography. Jean Taggart was the wife of DCI Jim Taggart. Jean Taggart in Death Call They married in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s. Jean was in a wheelchair due to paralysis after giving birth to daughter Alison.

Where is McManus buried?

Mark McManusBirth21 Feb 1935 Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, ScotlandDeath6 Jun 1994 (aged 59) Glasgow, Glasgow City, ScotlandBurialCremated, Specifically: His ashes were scattered over his wife’s grave at Symington, Lanarkshire, and over a favourite spot on the river Clyde.Memorial ID39458042 · View Source

Who was Mark McManus brother?

Brian ConnollyMark McManus/BrothersConnolly was fostered at the age of two by Jim and Helen McManus of Blantyre and took their family name. After inadvertently discovering his lineage, he eventually reverted to the name Connolly. Connolly was the adoptive brother of Mark McManus of Taggart fame.

What happened to Blythe Duff?

Away from filming Taggart, Duff enjoys live performance and has said that she prefers to work in theatre: “I love working on Taggart. I like my character and I like all the people I work with. I have been in Taggart since 1990 so I can’t imagine my life without it, but I really like working on stage.

What nationality is Taggart?

Taggart is a surname of Scottish and Irish origin. It is a reduction of the surnames MacTaggart and McTaggart, which are anglicisations of the Gaelic Mac an t-Sagairt, meaning “son of the priest”.