Quick Answer: How Do I Connect Two Decoders?

How do I connect two decoders for XtraView?

First, connect the coaxial cable of each decoder to the smart LNB.

If you have recent or newer decoder models then use the uni-cable ports on the smart LNB.

Otherwise, if you have old decoder models then you can use the universal port.

Remember Explora decoders use the uni-cable ports..

Can I share my DStv decoder at another house?

In short yes and no, Yes you can use your DSTV Decoder at another house. Your Decoder is paired with your smartcard, so in order for the decoder to work, all you need to do is you carry your main decoder with the linked smartcard.

What is the difference between dual view and extra view?

Dual View allows you to watch different channels on different TVs, only using a single decoder with two separate outputs. XtraView uses any combination of multiple decoders to create a similar functionality.

How do I connect multiple decoders?

Connect a cable to the main output of the splitter box and connect it to the dish input on your main satellite receiver. Connect a second cable to the the power blocked output of the splitter and connect it to the secondary receiver.

Can you connect two sky boxes one dish?

You won’t need a second dish – it’s possible to have up to eight boxes running from each dish (the dish has to be fitted with an Octo LNB. Sky+ and Sky+HD boxes need two feeds from the dish, which means that one dish can’t support more than four Sky+ boxes, or eight standard Sky boxes.

How does dual view work on DStv?

XtraView is a way to keep the whole family happy. With XtraView, you can link either two or three decoders together under ONE subscription (and only pay a monthly Access Fee for the other decoders). When linking two decoders, you will pay your normal monthly subscription plus ONE Access Fee.

How do I share my DStv connection?

Go online to now.dstv.com or download the DStv Now app. Follow the prompts to create a username and password, and ta-dah, you can watch DStv on any device.

How do I connect Explora 3a to extra view?

How to setup two Explora 3A for XtraViewswitch OFF the Primary decoder.Switch on and reboot the secondary decoder.Go to the network settings and select the installation wizard option.Select either decoder 2, or, decoder 3 network settings, save the settings, and reboot the decoder.More items…•

How do I add extra view on DStv?

Once installed, activate your XtraView (if you installer has not already done so) by contacting the MultiChoice Call Centre with your subscription details, decoder details, Smartcard details, primary decoder choice and product choice.

How do I connect a second TV to my DStv Explora 2?

One way is to buy a single view SD decoder and then connect it to the existing dish/LNB and then link it to the existing HD-PVR with a heartbeat cable and then enable extra-view. The other option (bit more expensive) is to buy another HD-PVR and then connect it the same as above.

Can two TVs use one cable box?

Typically, each television in your home needs its own receiver box to view channels; however, if you have televisions in two different rooms in your home but only own one Comcast cable receiver box, you can connect that box to both TVs using a coaxial cable splitter and coaxial cable.

How to Link TVs TogetherInsert one end of the RCA audio/video cables into the red, white and yellow “Video Out” ports on the first television.Connect the opposite end of the cables into the “Video In” ports on the second television. … Power on the two different televisions, then select “Video” as the input option on the second television.

How do I watch different channels on DStv?

How do I set up channel groups (favourite channels) on the DStv HD Decoder?Press the blue DStv button on the remote.Scroll to Settings.Select User Preferences.Select Channel Groups and follow the onscreen instructions.

How do I connect two tvs to one DStv decoder?

Re: How to connect two TV sets to a 4U DSTV decoder in different rooms. Wire from the dish goes into decoder as per normal. Connect the tv closest to the decoder via the hdmi / av cables to that tv. Take the out cable at the back of the decoder to the other tv, no splitter needed.

How do I connect a second TV to cable?

Connect the cable receiver box to the main cable line in your home through the receiver’s input port.Attach another coaxial cable to the output port on the receiver. … Link each TV set to the splitter or switch using however many coaxial cables and ports on the splitter/switch you need.