Quick Answer: How Much Is XtraView On DStv Compact?

Does DStv Compact have channel 198?

The pop-up channel according to a press statement from Multichoice, opened on March 1, 2019 and will run till March 31, 2019, the channels are on DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29, with feature highlights from the previous two seasons – See Gobbe and Double Wahala..

Can DStv Compact have XtraView?

When linking 3 decoders you can use a combination of the DStv Explora and the DStv HD Decoder. … Example : You cannot subscribe to DStv Premium on the one decoder and have DStv Compact on the other one. When linking decoders in XtraView, the channels available on the linked decoders are the same.

How do I add extra view on DStv?

Once installed, activate your XtraView (if you installer has not already done so) by contacting the MultiChoice Call Centre with your subscription details, decoder details, Smartcard details, primary decoder choice and product choice.

What is the difference between DStv Compact and DSTV Compact Plus?

Compact Plus sits between DStv Premium and DStv Compact, and offers sport, general entertainment, and kids channels. Its monthly fee remains R489 and its channels list is untouched, but MultiChoice said the name change eliminates confusion between the Extra package and the DStv XtraView service.

How is DStv Compact?

DStv Compact gives you access to a wide variety of programmes and hours of entertainment. For entertainment fans, the DStv Compact package includes premium channels like M-Net Action and M-Net Series while animal and nature lovers can enjoy channels like the Animal Planet and National Geographic.

How can I reduce my DStv package?

When you upgrade, you need to pay in the difference between your current package and the upgraded package for the time left until your next payment date. You can downgrade once a month on the day your subscription payment is due. You can log onto Self Service and request for us to schedule this downgrade for you.

Do you need a new dish for DStv Explora?

Installation of the DStv Explora 2 requires an 80cm satellite dish together with a DStv Smart LNB (not included). Please wait for all three tuners to show signal on this screen, before pressing OK to continue.

Is SuperSport 3 on DStv Compact?

SuperSport channels currently on the DSTV Compact Plus include the SuperSport Blitz, SuperSport 3, SuperSport 7, SuperSport 9, SuperSport 11, SuperSport 12, SuperSport Select, and SuperSport Select 2. … Some other great channels on the DSTV Compact Plus bouquet include: Vuzu. MNET Action.

How much is DStv Compact extra view in Nigeria?

You can get over 150 TV and Audio channels on DStv Compact Plus at a cost of only N10,925 per month.

How much is DStv Explora compact?

The current DStv Compact price is R399 per month. You can also get the annual subscription which includes DStv Explora, free delivery of equipment and installation. DStv Compact price lock option also comes with a 50% off your Showmax subscription.

What channels are available on DStv Compact?

This means DStv Compact customers will be able to enjoy DStv Compact Plus channels like 1Magic (DStv 103), Comedy Central (DStv 122), Africa Magic Urban Movies (DStv 153), CuriosityStream (DStv 185), History Channel (186), Nickelodeon (DStv 305), CBeebies (DStv 306), MTV Music 24 (DStv 323) and Sky News (DStv 402) for …

Does DStv Compact have channel 161?

New channels and shows The company also said it would bring more shows from its higher-level bouquets to DStv Compact subscribers. … The shows are now broadcast on Mzansi Magic (channel 161) and Mzansi Wethu (channel 163), in addition to 1Magic.

Does DStv Compact Plus have DSTV now?

MultiChoice customers on DStv Compact and DStv Compact Plus have now been given the opportunity to enjoy DStv Now, a value-added service hitherto exclusively for customers with an active PVR decoder. The service allows customers stream live TV and get Catch Up on-the-go at no additional cost.