Quick Answer: What Are The Advantages Of No Fees Schools?

How important is free education?

Guaranteed education: Free education is important because it guarantees every student in a country some level of education.

This means that each student has an equal opportunity to access this level of education on the same scale.


Secured life: Education is the key to a secured life..

Should private tuitions be banned?

For: Tuitions should be banned as it adds to the burden of the students. As they are overloaded with the homework received by school teachers and also from their private tutors, they get no or less time for extra-curricular activities, which would help them refresh their mind.

Does extra tutoring help students?

Tutoring can help strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build important learning skills. Tutoring gives students individualized attention that they don’t get in a crowded classroom. … It also keeps students on track during breaks from school, such as during March Break, or during the summer.

What are the advantages of free primary education?

The free primary education has enabled certain communities to shun away from traditions that are not beneficial in the modern society such as early marriages and female genital mutilation. 4. Education assists in realizing and exploiting one’s abilities.

What are the disadvantages of free college?

List of the Cons of Free CollegeIt requires someone to pay for it. … It might encourage financial irresponsibility. … It could devalue the worth of a diploma. … It would cause more people to go to college. … It might reduce state programs in other essential areas.More items…•

Why is tution bad?

Too many tuitions hardly gives your child time to communicate with friends & family and this might turn him/her into an introvert. This might also widen up the gap between kids and parents. Get Dull- If you give your kids a tuition for every single subject then they hardly get any time for exercising their brains.

Why basic education is important?

Basic education is defined as primary plus secondary level education. Basic education brings awareness among the masses, opens avenues for opportunities as well as self-advancement and improvement and reduces chronic and inter-generational poverty. …

Is tuition necessary for good grades?

A person who has good grades may not necessarily contribute well to society. As the purpose of tuition is to help students do well in examinations, it is reinforcing the idea that learning should be for the sake of examinations only. … Then, it will be inevitable that parents continue to send their children to tuition.

Can I be a private tutor?

There are no standard qualifications for private tutors in the UK so anyone who has good knowledge in a specialist subject can become a tutor. … Generally speaking, private tutors are likely to be seen as valuable in the eyes of a student or parent if they have first-hand experience in the subject they’re tutoring.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of tuition?

Pros and Cons of Private TuitionPros / Positive Impacts.Specialised Attention. It’s true that not everyone will be given the same amount of attention in class, especially for kids who may be faster or slower than their peers. … Customizable Lessons. … Flexible Schedules. … Cons / Negative Impacts.Cost. … Extra Stress. … Lack of Incentive to Self-Learn.

Are Tutions essential for success in school?

Tuitions help working moms, so that if they missed to spend time with their kids on any particular day on their home work or some other school activities, it would be covered by the tution. … Thus, in tution classes the tutors prepare the students to cope up with time and manage writing exams with confidence.

Are tuitions necessary?

Many parents, teachers and students however think that tuitions are really not a necessity till the 10th std if the child is able to pay attention at school and keep up with his school assignments. … With tuitions, a child is able to know enough of the language to get good grades at school.

Why is free education a bad idea?

To summarize, here are the 7 reasons why free college is a bad idea: Student loan defaults will increase. Completion rates will decrease. Property taxes will increase.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of no fees schools?

Pros of free basic educationIt offers guaranteed access to basic level of education. … Life security. … The kids will have a better outlook on life. … It also improves the prospects of employment. … It fosters equality in schools. … Promotes fairness. … Helps kids concentrate and focus on their studies.More items…•

What are the benefits of primary education?

Primary education will boost your kids’ self-confidence and offer your child the skills they need for the long success in this competitive world….Here, some of them are described:Supports Social and Emotional Development. … Teaches Independence and Confidence. … Improves Reading and Communication Skills.

What are the disadvantages of tuition?

Child loses independence: The best children are the ones who are self made. If the child goes for the tuitions, there is no time for self study and it is as if the child is being spoon fed all though the education. This can lead to deprivation of the chance for the child to be a self made person who is independent.