Quick Answer: Who Is Zoro’S Best Friend?

Who is Zoro’s girlfriend?

#Nico RobinZoro’s only love interest is #Nico Robin.

Because Zoro has already made Robin wet in Ch.


Not to mention about Robin asked Viola about Zoro and she said that he went to stop that birdcage..

Who is Zoro’s master?

master KoshiroZoro’s master Koshiro is shown to be in Shimotsuki Village in East Blue 23 years ago when Kuina was born, as evidenced in One Piece : Chapter 0, the prelude to Strong World.

How did Zoro’s friend died?

Zoro fought Kuina regularly but found that after 2000 fights, he could never beat her. Zoro challenged her into fighting with real swords, in which she used her family’s Meito Wado Ichimonji. … However, the day after making their vow, Zoro learned she had fallen down the stairs and died.

Who is Luffy’s mom?

Jewelry Bonney Luffy Mother Jewelry Bonney is about 24 to 25 years old, she is a pirate with her own crew and she is also one of the 12 pirates of the Worst Generation.

Is Zoro friends with Sanji?

Sanji and Zoro have respect for each other, but they do not like each other. Two completely different things. They would fight for each other, or fight together against a common foe if they needed to, but out of respect and not out of liking of personality.

Who married Sanji?

17), Sanji proposes marriage to Pudding. ↑ One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 40 Chapter 379 (p. 10) and Episode 266, Gatherine is mentioned to have broken up with Jabra.

Who is Luffy’s wife?

Luffy. Monkey D. Luffy is the protagonist of the anime/manga series One Piece and the love interest of the pirate Empress Boa Hancock.

Is Tashigi actually Kuina?

No, they aren’t the same. Tashigi and Kuina are different people. Tashigi wore glasses since she was a kid, oda mentioned that and even drew a sketch of kid tashigi with glasses. … In the anime and manga, we also see Kuina’s body, confirming she did die.

Is Tashigi Zoro’s old friend?

Tashigi has dark brown eyes and wears her black hair between chin- and shoulder-length. She looks remarkably similar to the late Kuina, Zoro’s childhood friend.

Did Kuina kill herself?

After Kuina reached a certain age she was sent to her home country by her father for secret reasons. (AFAIK her “death” was shortly after her birthday which supports this theory) . So they faked her death and told nobody about the truth.

Who is usopp’s best friend?

View Poll Results: Who is Luffy’s best friend?Zoro. 36 27.69%Nami. 5 3.85%Usopp. 82 63.08%Sanji. 1 0.77%Chopper. 1 0.77%Robin. 1 0.77%Franky. 2 1.54%Brook. 2 1.54%

Who is Luffy’s best friend?

ZoroZoro truly is Luffy’s best friend and his most loyal crew member.