What Causes Stress For Police Officers?

What are the sources of stress for police officers?

Factors That Can Cause Stress and Fatigue for Law Enforcement OfficersPoor management.Inadequate or broken equipment.Excessive overtime.Frequent rotating shifts (see 10-Hour Shifts Offer Cost Savings and Other Benefits to Law Enforcement Agencies).More items…•.

How does stress affect police officers on the job?

On-the-Job Stress Negatively Impacts Police Officer Health, Study Suggests. New research links the stress inherent in police work with an increased risk of obesity, suicide, sleeplessness and cancer. … 40 percent of the officers were obese, compared with 32 percent of the general population.

What percentage of a police officer’s decision making is affected by stress?

Alexander and Walker (1994) found that over 40 percent of police officers reported taking out their stress on family.

What causes PTSD in police officers?

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may occur when a person is exposed to traumatic events. … Police officers are often exposed to traumatic events, such as seeing abused children or dead bodies, severe assaults, and involvement in shootings, and are therefore at risk for PTSD.

How can police officers reduce stress?

Almost by definition, most police service officers are already very fit and active, but maintaining a personal regime of enjoyable exercise away from work – be it running, swimming, cycling or going to the gym can be a great way of relieving stress.

What is the most stressful part of being a police officer?

For example, Violanti and Aron (1994, 1995) found that the top four of sixty most stressful police work events were killing someone while on duty, witnessing a fellow officer killed, being physically attacked, and seeing abused and battered children.