What Does I Slept In Mean?

How do you use slept in a sentence?

Slept sentence examplesI thought it would be better if I slept here.

He slept on a hard bed.

I’m haven’t slept for nights.

She slept so soundly that she didn’t wake when Alex returned.

Cassie slept fitfully that night and woke in the morning with a start.

I said it’s because you slept with her.

You look like you haven’t slept for a week!More items….

What country uses slept off?

Nigerians also have their own version of English. When someone says they will “pick you” it means they will pick you up. “Dash me” means “give me” and “ I slept off” means “I fell asleep”. … Because most languages in Nigeria pronounce every letter, they will pronounce English words similarly.

What does dozed off mean?

Fall into a light sleepFall into a light sleep, as in Watching the ballet always made her doze off. [

What does it mean to say I slept off?

slept off. DEFINITIONS1. 1. to get rid of an unpleasant or uncomfortable feeling by sleeping, especially after eating or drinking too much.

What does slept together mean?

Definition of ‘sleep together’ If two people are sleeping together, they are having a sexual relationship, but are not usually married to each other. I’m pretty sure they slept together before they were married.