What’S Below Moderate?

What’s another word for better than average?

What is another word for above average?greatexcellentexceptionalfantasticoutstandingmarvellousUKmarvelousUSfinegoodsplendid35 more rows.

What does mediocre mean?

adjective. of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate: The car gets only mediocre mileage, but it’s fun to drive. not satisfactory; poor; inferior: Mediocre construction makes that building dangerous.

What does moderate risk mean?

Typically, a Moderate Risk area is issued when a widespread severe storm or tornado outbreak is expected. Threats to areas in a Moderate Risk typically include: The likelihood of tornadoes, often strong and/or long-lasting. Frequent lightning. Damaging winds, often in excess of 70 mph.

What’s another word for moderate?

SYNONYMS FOR moderate 1 reasonable, temperate, judicious, just, cool, steady, calm. 2 average. 8 ameliorate, pacify, calm, mitigate, soften, mollify, temper, qualify, appease, abate, lessen, diminish.

What’s below average?

Adjective. (comparative more below average, superlative most below average) Worse than average, with regard to scholastic performance if unspecified. Fewer than half of all drivers consider themselves to be below average. Below average children need special attention from their teachers.

What does moderate knowledge mean?

A moderate geek knows a few things inside out. An advanced geek has worked on just one technology for long enough. An A-player simply cannot be an ace of everything tech. S/he would specialize in a few things only besides being very hard to find in real life.

What means below?

adverb. The definition of below means beneath, underneath, downstairs or lower than. An example of below is the mouth being located under the nose. An example of below is an underground parking garage.

What is an example of moderate?

The definition of moderate is something that is average, mild or within reasonable limits. … An example of moderate is a warm day that is neither hot nor cold. An example of moderate is someone in the middle of the political spectrum who is neither a strong Republican nor a strong Democrat.

What is the opposite of fickle?

fickle. Antonyms: devoted, faithful, firm, incorruptible, loyal, stanch, sure, true, trustworthy, trusty, unwavering. Synonyms: capricious, faithless, false, unfaithful, untrue, untrustworthy, wavering.

Is moderate the same as medium?

Moderate comes from the Latin for “medium sized,” and as a noun and an adjective it means “middle, medium.” If you get moderate rainfall, it’s not too much and not too little. … If you moderate a discussion, you help two or more people have a reasonable conversation.

What does moderate mean in medical terms?

In medicine, when talking about how severe an illness or symptom is, both mild and moderate are used. In this context, the adjective moderate expresses something stronger, more severe than mild.

What is above moderate?

The scale should represent increasing severity of disease, where 1 is normal and 5 is severe. … mild (= low disease presence) moderate (= between normal and severe) moderately severe (= not the worst case, nor in the middle)

What does moderate pain mean?

Moderate Pain – Interferes significantly with daily living activities. 4 – Moderate pain. If you are deeply involved in an activity, it can be ignored for a period of time, but is still distracting. 5 – Moderately strong pain.

What is a sentence for moderate?

Examples of moderate in a Sentence Adjective Her doctor recommended moderate exercise. There were moderate levels of chemicals in the lake.

What is another word for extreme?

Some common synonyms of extreme are excessive, exorbitant, extravagant, immoderate, and inordinate. While all these words mean “going beyond a normal limit,” extreme may imply an approach to the farthest limit possible or conceivable but commonly means only to a notably high degree.

What is the moderate?

A moderate is considered someone occupying a position of embracing understanding of varied views regarding major social change. … In United States politics, a moderate is considered someone occupying a centre position on the left–right political spectrum.

What is the opposite word of moderate?

“moderate your speed” Antonyms: unreasonable, immoderate, steep, extremist, abnormal, extreme, sinful, far, intense, stark, exaggerated, overdone, inordinate, intemperate, excessive, radical, unconscionable, usurious, overstated, all-fired, outrageous, exorbitant, extraordinary, extortionate, undue, ultra, over-the-top.