Where Are Wondershare Files?

Does Filmora have a watermark?

Having a Watermark is the only difference between Filmora’s free trial version and paid version.

If you try the free version, edit a video and want to remove the watermark, here’s what to do.

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How do I extract a .BAK file?

Restore the database from a BAK fileThe name of the restoring database appears in the To database list box. To create a new database, enter its name in the list box.Select ‘From device’.Click the button to display ‘Specify Backup’ Dialog.Click ‘Add’ to browse the . bak file from the directory and click OK.

How do I restore my backup files on Android?

You can’t restore a backup from a higher Android version onto a phone running a lower Android version. Important: You’re using an older Android version….Switch between backup accountsOpen your phone’s Settings app.Tap System. Backup. … Tap Backup account.Tap the account that you want to use for backups.

How do I open a Wondershare backup file?

More videos on YouTubeChoose “MobileTrans backup file” and the backup file. Select the feature “MobileTrans backup file” on the software. … Connect your phone to your computer. Now connect your iOS or Android phone to the computer. … Select file types and start to restore data.

How do you save in Wondershare Video Editor?

Save to video files for computer playback Go to the Format tab. In the Profile drop list, choose an option such as AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, MP4, MKV, etc. In the Name box, type a file name. In the Position box, specify the location where you want to save the file.